Registered charity no. 08546 (Spain)
CIF G93073096


We are a registered charity and rely solely on donations to:

All money donated goes directly to the dogs and none of our volunteers are paid.

You can donate to Tail in the following ways:




Tail is indebted to the many supporters . Without these hundreds of people the charity could not function.

We are also very grateful to the commercial and professional enterprises that provide sponsorship / donations and /or services in kind These are too many to enumerate but without their support we would be unable to put on events and undertake a lot of the work we do. Our thanks for support “above and beyond” making notable contributions:

And not forgetting Tail Buddies, a group of ladies organised by Bettina Smet and Martine Decroie who put on highly successful and enjoyable fundraising meals for us.

We would also like to thank the following publications for advertising and publicising our events and activities: