Registered charity no. 08546 (Spain)
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Information and Advice on Adopting a Dog

Adoption Process

Here are some important questions to review before you make the decision to adopt a dog:

  1. Are you physically and economically able to adopt and care for a dog?
  2. Remember that having a dog is a long commitment, possibly 10 to 15 years. Are you ready to take on such a commitment?
  3. How many hours will the dog be left on its own during the day?
  4. Do you have time to spend with your dog, walking, training, playing?
  5. Will you have the patience to train your dog?
  6. Do you have someone willing to care for your dog if you go on holidays or are ill?

Once you've given thought to the questions above and have decided to adopt a dog: You can take a look at the dogs that we have available for adoption on our website prior to contacting us. By doing a search here, you can narrow down the list and find the type, size, age and sex of the dogs that you're interested in. You can then contact the shelter by email and tell them the dog(s) you'd like to see. After speaking with you we will be able to determine the dog that is the best match for you.


Adoption cost, vaccinations and neutering

A donation of €200 is required for dogs, to part cover the cost of microchip, vaccinations and neutering. The adoption fee covers the following:

A homecheck or reference must be carried out before the dog or pup is adopted and we usually recommend fostering for a few days first

For dogs and puppies that are traveling outside Spain, the cost of travel is not included.


Transport Outside Spain

We have a number of options for travel to other EU cWe are also actively involved in assisting with medical care and population control for the stray cats and feral colonies in the area by means of * Mascota Express whose depot in Velez stocks a wide range of all animal products, has long been a Tail supplier as well as supporter of our two annual dog shows